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The ‘How can I get a cool website for my startup while I’m broke’​ guide.

Dear broke startup founder,

You don’t need a backend developer, a front end developer and a UI-UX specialist to create your static company website for you.


Every honest consultant


Most often early-stage founders tend to find themselves in a position where they don’t have the money but they do have the time and are willing to put in the effort. For such founders, below are the only 2 things you will need to learn about to be able to have your basic company website up and running.

1. Setting up your dot com website on the internet with a basic WordPress site.

This can easily be done on the same website where you are purchasing the domain, such as on Godaddy. What’s even more simple is to simply select the ‘hosting’ option which mentions WordPress since it will create the basic base site on WordPress for you to work on.

WordPress is a system which gives you a “Dashboard and platform” for you to build your website. Think of it as the settings page for your social media profile. Make the changes to how you want people to view it, click publish, and your content is live for the world to see.

If your hosting is on Godaddy, here’s a beautiful video on how to set up WordPress on your domain which explains the process to you.

2. Setting up your company website using Elementor plugin

Before building the website the first thing you need to do is to PLAN YOUR WEBSITE. What is it that you want your users to experience? What is the text you want them to read? What images would you like them to see? A simple plan for this content before moving any further is crucial.

Elementor is a tool you will be using to design your website and place its content. It is a Freemium tool/addon/’plugin’ for WordPress. Once you have read about this tool and understand how it works, here is a playlist of youtube videos for you to watch and understand how to go about using it.

There are various Themes (A visual system of how the elements such as Font used and size and colour of text on your website) that are available on WordPress such as the “Hello Theme by Elementor“, which the company claims is the Fastest theme on WordPress. These Themes have multiple templates for you to choose from based on your type of business. (Hotel, App business, Restaurant, Consulting, Agency, Fitness, Startup etc)

Elementor page templates to set for your website

Find a template that suits you and get to editing it and making it your own. That amazing content that you had planned to have, now is the time to put it into your website by simply “Edit with Elementor” and clicking on whatever you want to change. Before you know it your website is done.

3. Launch your beautiful website.

Since my website launch, many people have asked me about how I was able to build an interactive website with no history of coding or web development.

This is how I created my own website, which you are currently on. I used Elementor Pro’s Theme builder to build my own theme. It is an amazing way to get even more creative if you have understood the basics of how Elementor works. Here is the pricing sheet. The basic Elementor pro for $49 per year is more than sufficient for a basic website. To understand how I did this, you can check out the design features available on Elementor.

PS: If you’re looking to build an E-commerce website you can check this out.

Feel free to reach out if you have any doubts or need further clarification with this. Happy to help!

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