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Grit – is a huge part of who I am. The time I spent growing up in the middle east and working in India has made me culturally sound and empathetic. I am the unique culmination of all my life experiences and I believe the only way to truly stand out and succeed in life is by empowering your individuality.

Currently based out of Toronto, Canada. I work at Snap Inc. (Snapchat) as an Account Manager working with some of the CPG brands that we all know and love.

This website is my personality on a webpage.


Brand Portfolio

Marketing for leading brands


What projects have I worked on?

Marketing Strategy

Social Media Strategy for a baby food brand
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Personal Branding

Building a community interested in learning more about the art of building a strong personal brand by empowering your individuality and using the right set of tools.
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Brand Strategy

Formulating the core for the brand from the ground up. Creating customer personas, conducting competitor analysis and more.
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Strategic Account Manager

Maintaining key client relationships between 2015 - 2018, for Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery start-up founded in 2008.


Built a SAAS-based customer retention tool for small and medium businesses while enabling customers with a mobile app to better discover their city and engage with local businesses.

Brand Strategist

Re-branding for Probuild Global - a construction and contracting company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


What people say?

Vishal Joseph is most hardworking and the definition of a hustler. His urge to learn is infectious and he loves not to just learn new things but is also quick to implement and fine-tune the things he picks up. A solid dependable sales and marketing person. His passion is infectious and helps build a very positive workplace.
Abhishek Sarkar
Country Head-Inside Sales Division Zomato(India)
Vishal is so creative and dedicated and he is the social media strategist for ‘First Spoon’, my baby food brand. It is exciting to work with him and we explore strategies to scale our product and get into new markets. His ideas are unique and he takes great care in delivering the best and I am happy to be associated with him.
Deepa Muthukumarasamy
FOUNDER ceo , first spoon & Some more foods

This is 🎥LIVE with VJ

A weekly talk show where I talk to the influencers of today, leading thought leaders who have built businesses in their own domains. Currently on Instagram, coming soon to Youtube and Spotify. Here’s what my guests have to say about their experience on the show. #LIVEwithVJ

Dot Lung


“VJ is a host with the most tender loving care and attention to detail. He makes sure you are comfortable and is a gracious person and one of the kindest human beings I know. He is a mover and a shaker. His humbleness and eagerness to learn makes shit happen, consistently creating meaningful conversations that deliver real value to our community.”

Lucas O'Keefe


“Vishal has a talent for organizing and delivering Live video sessions in an engaging and informative way that few others can match. Tune in to one of his shows as a member of the audience, or even better, as a guest, and you’ll see just how effective and FUN his process is.”

Talie Miller

ceo, we are the new™

“VJ holds incredible space for his guests. He’s an empathetic host, generous, well prepared and does what every great host does—makes their guests look good AF! Prepare yourself for great conversation and laughs with a wonderful person. Proud to have him as a dear friend.”

Michael Janda

author & coach

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Christos Nikas

instagram strategist

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'Marketing' Harry

social media marketing

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