Eazyprop - Find your next home

Eazyprop - Find your next home

Brand Strategy - Foundation


Eazyprop was an initiative by Vamsi Pothuru, an enterprising youngster from the city of Chennai, India. Having been a part of the family’s real estate business, Eazyprop aimed to organize the realtor space in India. Vamsi approached me with the idea with the intention to lay the groundwork needed to build this brand.


The realtor market in India is extremely rudimentary. With internally connected networks of brokers dominating the space. The primary challenge here is to identify a gap in the competitor’s positioning and pave way to build the foundations for a brand that customers would identify with and would love.


The steps employed in building out the solution is as follows:

  1. Discovery – A deep conversation with the founder about their idea and vision. “What really is Eazyprop?”
  2. Hammer Time – Stress test the problem statement. “Is there a real need for Eazyprop’s value proposition, in the market?”
  3. Finding Truelove – Building customer personas by identifying who the ideal target audience is.
  4. Winning the Battle – Competitor Analysis. Using perceptual mapping to identify current position in the market.
  5. Building your house – Building a ‘Brand House’ for Eazyprop. A tool that helps bring brand clarity to all stakeholders in the company.


Brand Strategy
Competitor Analysis
Website User Experience




Ranjith Nair – Design

Finding True Love – Customer Persona

Winning the Battle – Perceptual Mapping Competitor Analysis

Building your house – Final Deliverable


By working on the brand’s fundamentals we were able to arrive at a point where the founder had clarity about the direction in which they wished to take the brand forward. 
The final deliverable included a 28-page brand document detailing the discussions had during every session.

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