Building a social media presence for 'First spoon' - CPG startup

- Social Media & Mascot Project

About the Client:

‘First Spoon’ is a nutritious baby food brand based out of Coimbatore was looking to get onto the digital space. The company is a startup by two enterprising mothers. They wanted to develop their brand presence online by engaging with their customer-base via popular social media platforms Facebook & Instagram.

The Challenge:

As a new brand, First Spoon struggled with customer relatability. The baby food industry is a delicate one and building a reliable brand that the audience would trust, follow and engage with was the primary challenge.


1. The solution started with identifying the brand’s target audience and understanding what the end customer’s points of interest were. Considering that the customer base primarily includes parents, majorly expecting mothers and mothers with children between the age group 0-2 years.
2. The brand also needed an engaging component to its branding. The final conclusion was to introduce a brand mascot.
3. To create a brand mascot which would connect well with the brand’s customers. 
4. Pick a unique mascot. Ensure that none of the immediate competitors would have a similar mascot.
5. Pick a mascot which would have an impact. Have a greater reason for having a mascot, a reason which would resonate and have a greater ‘sticky’ factor. Make a difference in the world.

The Goals:

1. Educate the brand’s online followers and subscribers by correcting common myths – connected to infant care, educating customers and sharing facts and information from reliable educational sources.
2. Formulate a Brand tone and ‘Look & Feel’ for the brand’s digital presence.
3. Create an appealing mascot that aligns with the brand vision.

Scope of work:

Brand Research & Strategy
Brand Identity System
Marketing Assets
Mascot Creation


May, 2019 



Ekisha Narain

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Approach towards Mascot design:

  • Researching on baby animals which were found to be the cutest. Cross referencing that with the list of endangered species on the WWF-INDIA (World Wildlife Foundation) website.
  • As mentioned earlier, we wanted the mascot to serve a greater purpose of being there. With every customer that the company is able to reach, the goal is that the interaction between the brand and customer would spread awareness about the endangered species and provide the customer with a medium to make a donation to the preservation of the species.
  • After careful consideration we decided to go ahead with,
    the red panda.
    Found in the Himalayan region (India) the team felt a connection with this adorable animal. You could say it was love at first sight.
  • We had multiple factors to consider such as if we would use gradients or solid colors and what type of drawing style would be go ahead with.
Red panda Mascot design
One of the biggest challenges was to do our best to ensure that the mascot did not look like a raccoon.
Based on the shown options we narrowed down on specific parts and features of the mascot and started working on a few poses.
Red Panda Mascot design

This was the final draft that we concluded with.

Red Panda Mascot


By correctly identifying the brand’s audience a solution was brought forward where the content produced by the brand added value to the customer by educating them on the topics most relevant.

One of the goals which set was to have a collaboration with WWF-India. The brand is currently in the process of working on the MOU with the WWF & the collaboration is expected to go live soon.

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