Personal Branding 101: Invisible to Invincible. ⚡️

A self-paced program where you will learn how to empower your individuality to create a memorable personal brand that attracts the right opportunities.

Personal Branding 101: Go From Being Invisible to Invincible.

Learn how to articulate your unique values, strengths, and skills to create a memorable impression that attracts the right opportunities. 

9-5 professionals eager to stand out

If you work a 9 to 5 job but believe that there is more to you that you want to express and share with the world, this course will give you a step-by-step process to do that.

Aspiring content Creators

Are you an early stage creator or even someone who is aspiring to be a creator? - Then this is the best place for your to start and build a strong foundation for your Creator brand, both in terms of the relationships you build as well as the systems you have for your Content.

Who is this course for?

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Why do you need this course

Once upon a time, you had a resume.

You were able to get the job done with a single sheet of paper that had your entire life on it. 
You spent all your time and effort into your 9-5 hoping that the same resume would make your dreams come true.

Well, things are a bit different now…

With the emergence of AI and mass layoffs in even the biggest of companies around the world, there is no better time than now to build your personal brand and stand out from the crowd.

With the rise of the Creator Economy, we have seen how 207 Million Creators have taken the internet by storm, creating new opportunities in their careers, business and beyond. 

You don’t have to quit your 9 to 5 job to build your personal brand. 
You don’t have to stop spending time with your family to build your personal brand.
You don’t have to get hundreds of thousands of followers to build your personal brand. 
You just need intent & the willingness to execute.

This course is based on my 4+ years of building my personal brand alongside working a 9 to 5 job working with some of the most renowned brands in the world.

After spending over $100,000 on an MBA I realized that business school did not provide me with the specific actionable knowledge needed to put my best foot forward. 
Things like how to build my online presence, how to network efficiently in the digital age, how to leverage my own stories to be memorable, how to leverage my strengths and weaknesses to create a compelling narrative and so much more…

Personal Branding 101 is your one-stop-solution to get all the knowledge, resources and tools needed to launch your personal brand in less than 30 days. 

What's covered in this course

Everything you need to launch your personal brand in less than 30 days

This course includes 37 lessons and 4.5 hours of impactful video content across 6 comprehensive sections, each covering a different dimension in personal branding and packed with practical lessons to help you build and leverage your brand. 

Chapter 1: Introduction to Personal Branding

In Chapter One, you will learn about the critical importance of personal branding in today’s digital landscape, including how it can address common career challenges and improve your visibility.

Lesson 1: The importance of Personal Branding
Lesson 2: The Power of Influence
Exercise: What is your 30 day goal with this course?

Chapter 2: Your Personal Brand Foundation

In Chapter Two, you’ll engage in self-discovery, crafting a narrative with your Story Bank, setting a 30-day goal, uncovering your Ikigai, and utilizing the SFC technique for personal development.

Lesson 1: Mindset Matters – Understanding Mental Availability
Lesson 2: Self Discovery – Worksheets & Exercises
Lesson 3: Creating your story bank using the Story Bank Tool
Lesson 4: Setting your intentions & Goals
Lesson 5: Finding your IKIGAI
Lesson 6: The SFC Technique

Chapter 3: Art of Relationship Building

In Chapter Three, we’ll explore building and nurturing professional relationships, learning to identify and engage with key influencers, peers, and support networks effectively. The art of networking explained in detail.

Lesson 1: Who is your target audience?
Lesson 2:Triangle of Influence – Framework
Lesson 3: My Secret Relationship Building & Networking Strategy
Lesson 4: Curious Discovery – Specific Questions & Tips to Network
Lesson 5: Imposter Syndrome & It’s Solution
Lesson 6: Networking Tracker Resource and how to use it

Chapter 4: Building Your Personal Brand Strategy

In Chapter Four we unlock the strategic approach to personal branding, covering the fundamentals of brand positioning, brand identity, The 5 to 9 Creator framework, Competitor Analysis, and defining your value proposition.

Lesson 1: Positioning (Craft your Value Proposition) + Competitor Analysis
Lesson 2: The 5 to 9 Creator Framework
Lesson 3: Learn how to create a Vision Board
Lesson 4: Introduction to brand identity & choosing your brand colours.
Lesson 5: Using Colour theory and a tool to build your identity.
Lesson 6: Design your logo in 3 simple steps.

Chapter 5: Content Creation

In Chapter Five we go through the process of mastering content creation, guiding you through crafting relatable stories, understanding social media algorithms, and developing a cohesive content strategy.

Lesson 1: Content “the relationship catalyst” & how it is a part of building your personal brand
Lesson 2: WTF – What’s the Funnel?
Lesson 3: The Algorithm Monster explained
Lesson 4: Storytelling – How to create relatable content
Lesson 5: Bonus: Simple Storytelling Framework
Lesson 6: Before getting into content strategy…
Lesson 7: Crafting your Content Strategy – Content Pillars, Content Pyramid & Organization
Lesson 8: Einstein’s formula for content – 5 types
Lesson 9: How to create Educational content – Educon System

Chapter 6: Managing Time & Having Processes

In Chapter Six, you’ll learn about optimizing your time and processes for personal branding success, featuring strategies for effective time management and the implementation of systems to maintain productivity.

Lesson 1: Next steps – K3C Method & Action Plan
Lesson 2: Force Multipliers: Consistency & Conversation
Lesson 3: Building a routine that works for you

1 Powerful Notion Hub

To help you keep track of what I teach, you’ll get access to a Notion Hub which has all the Worksheets, Tools, Resources & more that you might need to take action.

❇️ Personal Branding Blueprint
🗓️ Content Calendar Tool
🏦 Story Bank
🌸 Ikigai Finder
❇️ Networking Tracker & CRM
❇️ Perceptual Mapping Tool
🪝 99 Hooks and Hacks

and more.

You are a good fit for this course if:

✅ You see this course as a tool for you to leverage.

✅ You’re willing to let go of old habits and build new ones.

✅ You understand that consistency and patience are necessary traits to build value.

✅You realize that the road to success is a narrow but worthy one.

✅ You’re a go-getter and you actively push yourself in the right direction without making excuses.

✅ You’re not afraid to ask for support when you need it.



You are NOT a good fit for this course if:

❌ You think buying this course will solve all your problems.

❌ You’re looking for a copy-paste template that doesn’t require you to put in any work.

❌ You’re expecting me to plan your day for you.

❌ You’re searching for Social Media hacks rather than focusing on creating substantial content.

❌ You’re expecting Personal Branding 101 to show you how to build an online business.




✅ 11 In-depth Chapters
✅ 37 Lessons of Video Content 
⏰ 4.5 Hours of Video Content

❇️ BONUS Notion Hub
❇️ 10 BONUS Tools
✍️ 4 Exercises & Worksheets

✅ Lifetime Access
✅ Lifetime Updates



Everything in the DIY plan + 

4️⃣ x 60 min 1-on-1 sessions with me
Checkpoint: As you go through the course we will set checkpoints to track your progress & Milestones.
Brand Identity: I will personally help you build your visual identity
Accountability Partner: You will have an accountability partner throughout the launching of your personal brand

What people Say

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Yes. The course will be updated periodically with new lessons and resources that you will have lifetime access to.

This is a starter course. Do not buy this course If you are unwilling to unlearn old ways and try something different or if you are not willing to put in extra time every day to work on your brand.

No. This course is for anyone who wants to build their personal brand no matter what their goals are – landing a job, getting new clients, becoming a creator to land brand partnerships, etc…

However, creating content is inevitably part of building your personal brand.

Not the Do-It-Yourself option.

The Done-With-You package does come with Four 60-minute sessions that include 1-on-1 support from my end where we go through the entire program together. 



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