Classic Hommus – ‘Tastes Better than store-bought’

Classic Hommus

home made classic hommus
Grab a Khuboos and you’re reaady to go. ©  Vishal Joseph

According to several historical sources, the earliest mention of hummus dates back to Egypt in the 13th century. Chickpeas were and are abundant in the Middle East and are still commonly eaten. In fact, the word hummus means chickpea in Arabic.


Growing up in the Middle East, Hommus was one of my favourite dishes to have. Hommus, Falafel and Shawarma were my comfort food growing up. Here’s an amazing hommus recipe that you can try out at home.

Difficulty: Medium
Quantity: Serves 3
Prep Time: 20 mins

Ingredients :
1 Cup Dried chickpeas
2 Tablespoon Tahini (Either store-bought or make it yourself at home – Grind half a cup of lightly toasted sesame seeds and 3-4 tbsp olive oil)
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup Lemon Juice
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
1 Garlic clove crushed
1 Teaspoon Cumin (Either store-bought or homemade)
Paprika or Chilli Power to serve
Extra Virgin Olive oil to serve


Removing the skin  ©  Vishal Joseph
  1. Place chickpeas in a bowl and add cold water. Leave them overnight and use them the next day.
  2. Drain the chickpeas and add them to water and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for 20-25 minutes on a low flame. (I’ve tried the same without boiling it. The final hommus is a lot more coarse. So if you’re not into that strong coarse texture and bitter taste, best to boil)
  3. Add Chickpeas, Lemon Juice, Tahini, Olive oil, Salt and cumin to the Processor and give it a go till it becomes a paste.
  4. Once it’s in the paste form, you can add a tablespoon of water and mix it again. This is something which helps make it more creamy in texture.
  5. Put the hummus into a bowl. Use a spool to make a dome in between and add your extra virgin olive oil. Garnish with the Paprika or Chilli Powder, and your hummus is ready.

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